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Adopt-a-Vine Privacy Policy


Background statement

At we are committed to provide you with an environment where your privacy is protected to the standards generally applicable from time to time.  Our Privacy Policy may be amended in the future for any reason and if changes are made they will be posted on this web-site prior to their implementation wherever possible.


Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected in order that we can facilitate your membership of the adopt-a-vine program, assist in the delivery of your member benefits under the program and the renewal of that membership at some future date.

What information is collected

We only collect enough information to satisfy the services outlined above.  The information collected is submitted by you (or the person that bought the package for you) at the time you first joined the program.  If you become aware of any errors in that information, or if you need to amend it, then please contact via the Feedback page of the web-site.

How is it used

We will only use your PII so that we can provide you with the benefits of membership.

Who else sees your information

Your information will also be made available to the people that operate the winery/vineyard at which you have your adopted vine.  This is so that they too can provide you with membership benefits.  Each operator vineyard has a signed agreement with Adopt-a-Vine Pty Ltd that restricts them from passing on your PII to other persons.  We will not sell or give access to your personal information to any party unless legally obliged to do so.

Protecting your information

To ensure the safety of your PII our web-site employs the latest security measures that are regularly checked and updated to industry standards.  Your information will be processed and stored on computers located in Australia and under Australian privacy protection and commerce laws.
The website database and web server is hosted in a Tier 1 hosting environment with physical and firewall security. For more information please click here.

Derived information

We may use the aggregated information collected from all members in the data-base to derive statistical and demographic information so that we can better understand the attributes of our membership throughout the world.  This information will be anonymous and not include anything that could create a breach of a member’s PII.


Cookies are small files that allow us to recognize you whenever you return to the website to make an enquiry, a purchase or some other interaction.  They do not personally identify you but they do identify your computer.  Cookies can be deleted from your computer.

IP addresses

Every computer or device connected vie the internet has an IP address, it is a number that acts like a telephone number.  We store this information to help short-cut certain processes and make our interaction more efficient.

Links to other web-sites and social media widgets

We are not responsible for the Privacy security of other web-sites that may be linked to the site.  You need to understand that if you follow a link from our site to another that our Privacy Policy is no longer applicable until you close that link and return to our site.  This situation equally applies to social media widgets as it does to other websites.

Choice to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from e-commerce activities at any time but that will not remove you from the membership data-base. If you conduct any further transactions through the web-site you will be sent confirmation email(s).

Change in ownership

In the event that the ownership of Adopt-a-Vine Pty Ltd or of the website changes to the control and ownership by other parties your information would be considered to be part of the assets included in the sale process.

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