Proud Adoptive Parents


A recent note from Adoptive Parents; Kath & Scott’s vine was up for adoption after their initial 3 year period and the winery in Victoria (Australia) contacted them to enquire if they would like to re-adopt the vine. This couple actually live interstate but still manage to visit their vine, named ‘Sam’ (that's short for Samantha), whenever they get back to Victoria, especialy the Melbourne area.


As you will see, these two have really bonded with their vine, and wine from the vineyard where 'Sam' lives has travelled all over the world with them and been involved with them in some pretty special situations.


Read on…..

  • You guys (and Sam) have been a big part of our life together so far. And we have enjoyed every part.
  • Her adoption Certificate has pride of place in my bar
  • Sam was a present to me 6 months before we moved in together.
  • She came with me when I was deployed to the Solomon Islands (with the Australian Federal Police).
  • Sam joined us (covertly) in my backpack for my proposal to Kath on the Great Wall of China.
  • She was smuggled into the hospital when Kath was sick (cancer) whilst I admit no one was really going to stop me as I was in the AFP at the time and wearing a gun.
  • She was there the day we got Married (with a bottle of Duet as the white wine)
  • Sam somehow again found her way into my back pack on our honeymoon and ‘popped out’ at Machu Picchu, Peru.
  • We open a bottle every anniversary ….
  • The list goes on and in the interest of privacy we will stop here.......


Now isn't that touching, and now after the birth of their first child they have renewed their adoption. This is what being an Adoptive Parent is all about. How creative are you? 


Are you as romantic as Scott and Kath?


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