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About Us

Adopt-a-Vine was started in 2004 by Bob & Barbara Nixon at their Gisborne Peak Winery in Australia, under the trade name ‘MyVine’.  Bob & Barbara recognized that people were interested in the how’s and the why’s of wine, as much as in the taste of wine. In fact they saw the opportunity to take people into the vineyard at critical times of the year so they could appreciate the vine-to-wine process. Over the years people have adopted vines because they want to learn and to have a sense of being involved in the seasonal cycles of a vineyard even though they were not vignerons themselves. The program has grown over the years to a point where enquiries are coming from around the world for membership. Adopt-a-Vine has now expanded to unite people and vines throughout the world.  From little things, big things grow. Wine lovers meeting, learning and sharing – adopting one vine at a time. Gift giving made easy.


Adopt a vine now.

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