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You will be an honoured guest and visitor at Adopt-a-Vine wineries throughout Australia and, shortly, the world.  Whenever you show your Adopt-a-Vine Membership Card you will receive special treatment.  Privileges vary so visit the Adopt-a-Vine participating winery member pages to read what is available.

As a minimum your worldwide Adopt-a-Vine Membership Card will allow you to:

  • Register for activities at other participating wineries
  • Be involved in our wine blog and share ideas with fellow members throughout the world
  • Post your Adopt-a-Vine activity pictures and share them with members throughout the world
  • Obtain a minimum discount of 15% off wine purchases at any Adopt-a-Vine winery (conditions apply)
  • A 10% discount on accommodation where on-site winery accommodation is available (conditions apply)
  • Enjoy wine travel opportunities not previously open to you
  • Opportunity to buy branded Adopt-a-Vine merchandise to identify you as an Adoptive Parent of a vine and to give as a gift.

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