Learn About the Vine-to-Wine Process

Vine-to-Wine Process

Adopt-a-Vine members enjoy the opportunity of being involved in direct vineyard and winery activities.  You are not just a 'customer' of the winery but you become a student and member of the winery's inner circle. 


Each Adopt-a-Vine winery has a program where you can opt in to be part of seasonal activities.  Details vary and will be outlined on each winery page. 


These activities might include Hands-On Days that give you the opportunity to go into the vineyard and learn first hand how to: 

  • prune a vine,
  • manage the canopy and learn why this is important,
  • estimate the potential yield of the crop and the benefits of having that information before harvest,
  • and might even involve the opportunity to be part of the harvest team
  • enjoy special prvileges and functions as part of your membership
  • connect with Adopt-a-Vine members throughout the world
  • see how the wine is actually made
  • get the opportunity to sample yet to be released wines


Other activities might include special wine tasting events including the tasting of barrel samples, vertical tastings and blending opportunities.  The program will vary from winery to winery and you should look carefully what is on offer at each participating winery.


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