Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

The Adopt-a-Vine Program has been operating for over 8 years, and these are the most frequently asked questions. Please click on the questions below and the answers will be revealed in the same spot.


There may be some questions that we haven't addressed yet, and if so, please go into the Feedback form and leave a question. 


Do I actually own the vine?

No, you have ‘adopted’ the vine for the agreed period.  You are the symbolic parent and friend of the vine, the grapes remain the property of the vineyard.

Can I specify a red or white grapevine to adopt?

Each winery program generally has a number of grape varieties to adopt – some red and some white.  Specify which varietal of grape you would like to adopt from those offered on the order form.   

How do I find my vine and for how long is the adoption?

You should check in with the winery cellar door upon arrival at the winery.  They will direct you to your vine.  Most Adopt-a-Vine wineries will include a vineyard map in your Adoption Kit.  Each row of vines in most vineyards is usually numbered.  You just count the vines along the row to find yours.  The vine will have your name on a hang-tag or something similar.  

When will I get my Adoption kit?

You should get your kit within 10 days of your completed application being received, snail mail is involved!  A little later you will receive your Membership ID Card in a separate mailing.

When can I visit my grapevine?

Generally you can visit during the opening hours of the winery and cellar door or by special arrangement.  However, close to vintage time there may be bird-netting covering the vines.  You will need to check with vineyard management before you go into the vineyard and visit your vine during that time. Nevertheless this is an excellent time for photos as the grapes are ripe and rich. 

What activities can I do with my vine?

Many!  You can visit your vine for a photo (perfect for Christmas cards, websites), talk to your vine (they are very good at listening) and watch your vine change through the four distinct seasons in the vineyard. As an Adopt-a-Vine member you will be invited to participate in some vineyard activities throughout the year to learn more about the vine-to-wine process.  

Can you send me a picture of my vine?

Yes, a picture generally comes with your Adoption Kit and most wineries are happy to send you other pictures by arrangement.

How can I give Adopt-a-Vine as a gift?

Yes, it is a perfect gift!  You can buy Adopt-a-Vine as a gift by going to the ‘Adopt-a-Vine’ website and completing an application to join in the name of your recipient.  The recipient will receive a personalised Adoption Certificate suitable for framing, a Welcome letter, a picture of their vine, newsletters and the member discount on wine purchases.

Can I have the Adoption Kit sent to me rather than the Adoptive Parent?

Yes, just indicate that you want it sent to the ‘Giver’ on the order form rather than the ‘Adoptive Parent’. 

Can I receive a bottle of wine made with grapes from my vine?

You can receive a bottle of wine made from grapes from the vineyard in which your vine resides.  It is not possible to make wine from individual vines. But the grapes from your vine help make all of the wine.  Remember, that each year’s vintage is different from the last one.  You will want to buy a bottle or two from each vintage to track how your vine is maturing.

How do I renew my adoption?

You will receive Adoption Renewal invitation close to the expiration date of your initial adoption period.  

Can I adopt more than one vine?

Yes, you can adopt as many as you like, in fact, we already have members with multiple vines.  You need to realise that it does not increase your priviledges, but you may well finish up with your own 'mini-vineyard'.  We have experience of Adoptive Parents that have received gifts from multiple givers to celebrate a significant birthday resulting in 10-20 vines being tagged in the name of the Member. 


 We have many vines that are looking for Adoptive Parents.


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