Seeing is believing!  Here are some videos that our Adopt-a-Vine wineries and Adopt-a-Vine Parents have sent in to us. There is always something to learn, to do, to enjoy and to drink!


Share a video with us. Send it to or upload it to YouTube and let us know about it so we can get it on the website. 


  • Netting at Gisborne Peak Winery

    Netting, a necessary annual task. It's hard work, but no nets, no grapes! It's the only way to keep the birds away from those luscious ripening grapes. It takes a team of 6 to put the nets on and takes about 3 days just to get them over the vines. Then they clip them together to make one complete enclosure. Rocks are put along the ends and edges to secure them from the wind, rabbits, foxes, birds - whatever!

  • Romance of the Vineyard


    The romance and time-honoured life-cycle of the vines. Join us at Gisborne Peak Winery to enjoy the good life.


    Get involved by adopting a vine at

  • Canopy Management Day 2012


    A 'Hands-On Day' at Gisborne Peak Winery. January brings about the every needed Canopy Management. Taking off the top shoots and letting sunlight into the canopy is essential in a cool climate vineyard.


    Here, Bob Nixon, shares the knowledge with some Adoptive Parents.

  • I LOVE My Adopted Vine!


    Giving a vine is almost as much fun as getting a vine.


    Here a few new Adoptive Parents show their excitement about receiving a grape vine as a gift. 


  • My Dad's Winery


    At Christmas I photographed my Dad conducting a workshop for Adopt-a-Vineā„¢ parents at his Gisborne Peak vineyard.


    I recommend membership for any aspiring vigneron who doesn't have a spare million dollars to spend on establishing their own.

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