Enquire to Become An Operator - Minimum Criteria

Thank you for enquiring about being part of the Worldwide Adopt-a-Vine Program. Adopt-a-Vine.com is the ‘go-to’ site for anyone interested in learning more about the vine-to-wine process and for easy gift-giving.


By being part of our worldwide program and taking advantage of our branding, promotions and direct marketing campaigns, you should significantly increase sales at your cellar door while at the same time being in full control of your own Adopt-a-Vine program.


Our terms and conditions are set out in our Operator Agreement, which you can read as part of our registration process.

We'd love to work with you and pass on to you our experience gained over the past 8 years as we developed the Adopt-a-Vine program at our winery. We can help you with tips on how to teach your visitors more about the vine to wine process and how to run programs for members that will lead to increasing your sales through Adopt-a-Vine.


We are looking to appoint Adopt-a-Vine Operators in key locations, numbers will be limited. Please consider joining our family of Adopt-a-Vine wineries.

Adopt-a-Vine has a minimum set of member benefits and Operator service standards that all Operator wineries must meet. Please read the criteria and if you feel you are qualified then fill out the application and reply by email.


Minimum member benefits:

  • Each member’s vine shall be identified with a personalised vine identification marker in the vineyard
  • Each new member shall be provided with an Adoption Kit including an Adoption Certificate
  • Members shall be entitled to a minimum discount of 15% off wine purchases (on or off-site as legal conditions allow). Other Operator defined conditions may apply.
  • Members shall be entitled to a minimum discount of 10% off accommodation, if available. Conditions may apply.
  • Members must have the opportunity to participate in scheduled vineyard activities and vine to wine educational activities provided by the Operator.
  • Adopt-a-Vine members visiting from other Operator’s wineries must be extended the same privileges



Operator Criteria:

  • Every Operator must agree to the Terms of the Adopt-a-Vine License Agreement
  • Every Operator must be prepared to promote Adopt-a-Vine in any way possible in order to develop the brand and maintain a sustainable level of new member registrations
  • Every Operator must agree to use the Adopt-a-Vine website to process all new members and renewals of membership
  • Operators may promote up to 3 versions of their Adopt-a-Vine program and set a period or periods of membership not exceeding 5 years
  • Operators need to welcome and extend reciprocal privileges and benefits to any Worldwide Adopt-a-Vine member who may visit your winery in person or in a virtual sense.



Our ideal Operators will also meet the following preferred conditions:

  • Need to have a cellar door facility, open at a minimum every weekend.
  • Need to have a range of wines, not a single variety and preferably have at least 10 acres under vine
  • Need to be visitor friendly and able to have members enter the vineyard to visit their adopted vine.
  • Need to be in relatively close proximity to a critical mass population centre.
  • Need to have an internet presence which is updated regularly and is a stand-alone website (not a sub-site of another website).
  • Need to have a keen desire to teach Adopt-a-Vine members about the vine-to-wine process.
  • Need to have a desire to build your own cellar door business.
  • Need to have relative accessibility to visitors via reliable roads
  • Need to be prepared to abide by the Adopt-a-Vine Code of Practice and to promote goodwill amongst Adopt-a-Vine Operators throughout the World.
  • All operators will be required to be able to communicate via the internet with other operators and Adopt-a-Vine Headquarters.


* Preference will be given to family operated wineries.

* Preference will be given where a food service operates

* Preference will be given where there is accommodation on-site or nearby.


We are currently seeking winery operators in the Canberra Region, Barossa Valley, Orange Region, Northern Tasmania, Swan Valley and the South Burdekin region in Australia.  We are also seeking applications from wineries throughout the USA.


Please click here to the read our code of practice
Please click here to read the Operator Agreement. If you feel you are qualified then fill out the application.


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