Low cost program.

Low Cost Program


Using the power of the headline web-site www.adoptavine.com we will help you to attract members to join your program. 


We will use our best endeavors to get media attention that will generate enquiries.  You should assist wherever possible in your local area to attract potential Adopt-a-Vine members. 


Our web-site will allow you to have a page in which you can describe up to 3 variations of your Adopt-a-Vine program. 


Your cost is a one-off joining and set-up fee of $1000 (+gst where applicable) and an annual service fee of $240 (+gst where aplplicable).  In addition, we will charge $12.50 per member from each new member or renewal.  Adopt-a-Vine Headquarters does all of the new member registration procedures and sends the new member details to you for final processing.  We supply templates for you to complete this activity. 



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