Vineyard & Report 2017

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The last evidence of the 2017 harvest activity, the nets, have all been brought out of the vineyard and stored for next season. This week we have applied an under-vine herbicide spray to clean up and make the pruning and de-sucking work easier.  Remember to register your interest if you wish to help at our fun and informative pruning day Sat. 15 July.  


Our 2017 vintage was a battle against the elements, in particularly the cooler than normal summer which made it hard to get the sugar levels (and subsequent alcohol) up to optimum.  So 2017 will be a "lower alcohol" year but not necessarily a low flavour year, on the contrary the flavours look good so far.


The 2017 vintage was more bountiful than others in recent years, up nearly 50% on the 2016 crop despite having to cut and drop significant amounts of Riesling and Semillon due to fungal infection because we had to leave the crop longer than maximise and improve the sugars and decrease the acids.  In both varieties it was worth the effort although our tonnage of Riesling was less than what we wanted.  Such are the challenges of cool-climate winegrowers in Victoria's ever changeable weather.

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